Sten’s Oracle Trends

This is a brief overview of where various Oracle products stand in my personal opinion. You can find more details on each tool and some of the arguments why I rate them as I do on my Oracle Map. If you’d like to hear me present my views on these and other tools in person, you can find me at quite a few Oracle conferences – next up is the Turkish Oracle User Group conference in April.

Feel free to send me a mail if you disagree, have an opinion you want to share with me, or wish to discuss which tool is right for your organization.

rising ADF Business Components
rising ADF Faces
dead ADF Swing
dead Application Builder Cloud Service
rising strongly Application Express
declining BI Publisher
rising Big Data SQL
dead Designer
declining Oracle Forms
stable JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)
stable Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
stable PL/SQL
declining Oracle Reports
rising SQL
rising SQL Developer
declining Oracle Warehouse Builder
declining Oracle WebCenter