Oracle Tool Selection FAQ

Q: Why do I have to register?

A: Sometimes, people want to discuss the results they get from the online test, or buy my detailed tool evaluation. In order to locate your answers if we decide to work together on Oracle tool selection, I need you to register.

Q: How to you calculate the score?

A: I have put the recommendations I normally give my consulting customers into a simple numerical scorecard. To avoid getting bogged down in details on whether this answer merits two or three points, I’m not sharing the detailed numbers. If you attend any of my tool selection conference presentations or read one of my articles, you will have a pretty good idea of what I think the important criteria are.

Q: Why don’t you include Oracle MAF?

Oracle MAF is a specialized tool for building mobile applications. Unless you definitely need offline capability and/or the capability to use device features like camera or GPS, you should not be looking for a mobile application. I’ll be happy to discuss if MAF is right for you – feel free to send me an e-mail at